Cosmetic Surgery Budapest Price ListAs with most medical interventions there are a number of tests that may be required to ensure safe undertaking of the procedure in mind. We will be happy to carry out all necessary tests here in Budapest but we would advise you to perform them locally. Your GP or private practitioner can help you arrange such tests. This has a number of benefits. Firstly your surgeon would know in advance of your travel if it is safe to carry out the procedure. Secondly if there are any concerns it would give you and your GP time to address those concerns ahead of your travel and reschedule your booking accordingly.


Routine tests:

Full Blood Count (FBC),

Urea and Electrolytes (U&Es),

Urine Analysis,

Blood Sedimentation Test or CRP ,


Specific tests:

Electrocardiogram (ECG) - depending on your age and medical history,

Liver Function Tests (LFTs) – depending on your history,

Breast Ultrasound Scan – if you are undergoing breast surgery (it is our policy to carry out a routine breast USS on ALL such patients in order to ensure there are no missed pathologies),

Mammography – only when indicated based on breast USS results,

Coagulation Screen – if you are taking blood-thinning medication or if your surgeon advises you to,

Thyroid Function Tests (TFTs) – if you are taking any thyroid medication or your surgeon advises you to,


We would be happy to arrange all necessary tests at our partner private laboratory here in Budapest upon your arrival. You should however ensure you arrive in Budapest at least two days in advance of your booking. Please bear in mind that if any concerns arise that may question the safety of the procedure we will be obliged to reschedule or cancel your booking.