Cosmetic Surgery Budapest Price ListWe would be happy to recommend you a number of establishments, preferably with close proximity to the hospital. Furthermore we work in partnership with Zara Continental Hotel, King's Apartments and Queen's Court Apartment & Residence. Each of the above should offer you a discount when you disclose that you are a patient of CosmeticDirect. Nonetheless it is perhaps best if you check their rate and let us know. We will then contact them and ensure you are given your discount.


ZaraZara Continental Hotel

This is a brand new art deco superior four star hotel with all the amenities you would expect from a five star hotel. The great thing is that it is literally across the road from the hospital. There is a great restaurant and swimming pool along with a massage for that extra indulgence. Check out their website and their rates on


King's Apartments

Alternatively if you prefer an apartment, Kings apartments are highly recommended ( It is in a great central location, not far from the hospital with most apartments having a balcony and overlooking a small garden. All apartments are fully furnished. Another good choice (a bit more pricey) would be Queens Court apartments in Budapest due to both proximity to the hospital and a free spa ( Special rates should be offered by both Kings and Queens Court apartments once they learn you are our patient. 



You can also search for the accommodation of your choice and make your reservation online following the link below: 

On-line reservation

We will make the hotel booking on your behalf if that is what you desire. The hotel deposit is payable directly to the hotel and is subject to their terms and cancelation policy. We will arrange for all your transportation once you arrive at Budapest airport until your safe departure, so you need not worry about minor details.

We will ensure you will have a trouble-free and relaxing time once in Budapest and want you to instead focus on the main purpose of your visit. We will not charge you for any of these services.

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