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I started to lose my hair...

22 August, 2011.


Well, I started to lose my hair. At the beginning only at the sides. And then at the crown. My woman told me not to worry and to think over how sexy Bruce Willis is. It didn’t help. I’m not Bruce Willis, my baldness really bothered me. I didn’t want hair transplantation, so I tried all the serums, creams, ointments, pills, and ampullas, with no result. My hair was getting less and less. Every time when I looked at my old pictures on which I was proudly posing with my fine head of hair, I got shirty. And then I realized if hair transplantation could be the only solution to my problem, I should let it happen. After doing some serious researches, lucky me I found Cosmetic Direct on the Internet. The atmosphere was very friendly and the team was so professional. And the magic has happened: after two occasions and a few months, I’ve got hair again!!! My woman says she loves me as much as before, but I’m much more satisfied with my new (old) appearance. ;)