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All my teammates called me Pelican...

31 August, 2011.


I did gymnastic from 8 to 17. Since I’ve been alive I’ve focused on how much and what I eat, and I’ve always done sport regularly, so I’ve had no problems with my body. By doing sport I’ve learnt discipline and that if I really want something, working hard for it I can get it. There was only one thing that was stronger than me: I couldn’t combat my double chin. My whole family has it, my grandparents, my daddy and my mammy (did) as well. My chin and my neck didn’t converge in a nice right angle but in one line between them. (That’s why all my teammates called me Pelican or Peli.) It felt so bad, there was my nice, sporty body and there was my big double chin. And then my mother underwent a neck liposculpture procedure at CosmeticDirect. Looking at the result I knew that’s what I wanted. I contacted the Clinic with no hesitation, underwent the procedure and I got what I had always wanted: a nice face without double chin. THANK YOU SO MUCH COSMETIC DIRECT!!!

Zsuzsi (26)