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Edit (57) about her facelift treatment

03 January, 2012.


I became a grandmother seven years ago and I thought that in my age it is not the most important factor in a woman’s life how she is looking like. And then, a few years ago my husband left me; it’s a banal story, he met a woman fifteen years younger than me, and I broke down. I felt so sorry for myself, and in the meantime I totally forgot that I still was a woman, until one day my little four year old grandson asked me: "Grannie, you’re old, aren’t you?". I got shocked, so I had no other choice but to put the pieces of my life back together. I started to do sport and have social life again, also I had a new hairstyle. I was renewed. There was only one thing that was still bothering me, my loose facial skin. I felt I must give a chance to myself and undergo a facelift. My daughter asked about her friends and acquaintances, and finally suggested me to visit Cosmetic Direct, so I did so. The treatment was completely painless, my surgeon amazed me with his expertise, and the result has been marvelous. I feel like I’m twenty years younger. And others can realize it as well! :-)