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va (35) about her botox treatment

24 January, 2012.


Around 32-33 I began to wrinkle. Of course I had one or two tiny wrinkles before, but that was different. I had never been that "I'm staring myself at the mirror the whole day type", well, by that time I turned into that. Each and every time I passed the mirror in the anteroom, I stopped there and was watching myself hoping those wrinkles aren't that deep, and only the light conditions were causing them.. Sadly, I always had to realize that the light conditions had nothing to do with my wrinkles, excluding the beneficial effects of night light conditions..

I heard about Botox treatment, but I didn't want to lose my facial expressions and with them, my personality. But then, one of my friends tried Botox and was completely keen on how simple, fast and painless the treatment is. She eased my worries and explained to me that I wouldn't lose my facial expressions, I just need to make sure I won't get carried away.

On my friend's recommendation I went to Cosmetic Direct. This was more than two years ago, the result is unbelievable, I wouldn't have thought this is possible, however, it is important to note that I've found the golden mean and have never overdone the treatment. Even my teenage daughter told me that she is so proud having such a beautiful Mummy!