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Fruzsi (37) about her breast enlargement

08 February, 2012.


CosmeticDirect, thank you very much for the best Christmas present of my life that makes me feel prettier and more attractive. I had tiny tits and that was quite alright, but they had started losing their shape and cheerfulness. My husband kept comforting me but this "Honey, it's alright, I still love you anyway" didn't really put a smile on my face.

So I decided to undergo a breast lift operation, and as I'd be already there, I thought why not have a breast enlargement operation. However, this idea didn't make my hubby happy; he didn't want to have a plastic girl instead of his natural beauty wife. So we were having this small fight until I had enough, after all it was about my body, and then my hubby realized I was right, so I got my beautiful "new" tits from him as Christmas presents.

I chose CosmeticDirect as one of my friends had great experiences with the Clinic and she recommended it highly. It's unbelievable how huge change can this tiny thing make in a woman's life. I don't need to keep covering my body and feel embarrassed for it anymore; I’m proud of my appearance again, and this makes not only me happy! ;)