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Annamari (39) about tummy tuck

04 June, 2012.


I’m 39 years old and work as an IT specialist. I’ve been living in England for 15 years with my husband, at this moment I live in Shrewton. If I’m not happy with any part of my body and there is no other possibility, I am not afraid to turn to the solutions granted by plastic surgery.

I don’t make a song and dance about it, after all I only have one life and I’d like to enjoy it, also I can cope with being a wife and mother if I like who I am. This time I made a big decision: I decided to undergo an abdominoplasty. There are excellent clinics in London, but one of my friends from Shrewton, who also had a tummy tuck lately, recommended a Hungarian clinic called CosmeticDirect and praised it to the skies.

I don’t like changing things that work well but this time, as my friend was so satisfied and I’m always happy if there is a reason for going to Hungary, I chose CosmeticDirect. Well, I just still cannot find the words. In London I’ve got used to an unbelievable level of services provided by the plastic surgery clinics, but – much to my big surprise – CosmeticDirect has exceeded them. Besides the incredible kindness and professionalism, there is one more thing that will always make me choose CosmeticDirect: organization. A plastic surgery normally comes together with some stress; certainly I am always nervous a bit before it.

This stress factor is being so much minimalized at CosmeticDirect that is just unbelievable, by, for example, taking over from you all the unpleasant things that need to be organized (travel, accommodation etc.). And the result is awesome! CosmeticDirect, thank you for the most pleasant plastic surgery experience I’ve ever had!