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Jutka (47) about our liposculpture treatment

11 June, 2012.


Sadly, during the years I got very much fat on my body. My husband and I started a diet together, as my overweight gave rise not only to esthetical problems, but to medical concerns as well. We changed our diets and wanted to start doing sport, but, as it turned out, I was so fatty that my legs couldn’t support my body (while my hubby, of course, was running around like a four-year-old). No diets, pills, capsules were helping, but my husband said plastic surgery is not an option. Finally, I got this stubborn man to understand that my health was at stake. So we made a deal: I can undergo a liposculpture, but after it ASAP I gotta start doing sport. And the miracle happened! I received the highest standard of care at CosmeticDirect, I’ve got saved from my biggest enemy – my overweight, and finally I can enjoy the beauty of sporting together with my hubby. On top of this, I’m allowed to reward myself once a weak; nothing can be compared to eating scrambled eggs with bacon and onion after a tiring jog. ;)