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Vera (28) about her nose job at Cosmetic Direct

18 July, 2012.


As a child my nose was kind of cute. And then, as I was growing, my nose was growing and growing, too, and it felt like I already had stopped growing, but my nose stubbornly continued to grow. Mike Tyson could have become envious of it. So, if you ask my ego, my nose wasn't really helpful.

My cousin was struggling with the same problem, so we just got enough and went to CosmeticDirect together.

I had a nose job, and, in retrospect, I just don't understand why I kept postponing the surgery so long. I've got a beautiful, cute little nose, I love it! Sometimes I have a dream in which I have to live with my previous nose again, and it's such a lovely feeling to wake up from that kind of dreams and realize that I'll have this adorable nose for the whole of my life.