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I am happy to feel like a woman again

23 November, 2010.


I'm 24 and a proud mother of a 12 months old girl. Before pregnancy, I had small slightly sagging breasts. This got worst after pregnancy. I had been thinking of having them lifted for quite some time.

Following childbirth thankfully I lost quite a lot of weight. My friends said I was lucky but this did not help my breasts one bit. As a young woman at 24 years of age I dreaded standing in front of the mirror. It was potentially embarrassing; impossible to bend down or run without holding my chest for otherwise my breasts would slip out of the bra.

Therefore I gathered up the courage and decided once and for all I want to have my breasts done.

I met Dr Afshin, my surgeon at my first consultation after contacting CosmeticDirect. He explained to me various lifting techniques and explained with view of my childbearing age and possible future pregnancy -although nothing planned for a good while I hope- how he would proceed. I liked him and felt I could trust him after just a few minutes.

Despite my determination, stress was still palpable, but the medical team was very attentive: Special thanks to the night staff who were very patient and caring after the operation. Dr Mohammad had given me a phone and reassured me he is just a phone call away if I needed anything.

Today I am happy to feel like a woman again, and I have the guys at CosmeticDirect to thank for.