Buttock lift, buttock enlargement

Goal: Buttock enlargement and/or buttock lift is usually performed using specially designed gluteal implants. For the buttock reduction and lifting, superficial liposuction or "tanga lift" are usually performed.

Operative technique of buttock lift: The implants are placed through a vertical incision in the upper part of the gluteal fold, just above the coccygeal bone, one incision for both parts. They are positioned under the great gluteal muscle.

Duration and anesthesia: Usually lasts about 1.5 hours in general anesthesia.

Recovery after buttock lift: Sitting position a bit tough for a few days after the surgery and the stitches are removed in 2 weeks.

Rare complications: Edema and sitting discomfort first few weeks. The implants can be sometimes positioned too high. as long as two months.


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Buttock lift Budapest
Buttock lift Budapest
Buttock lift Budapest