Feather lift

Feather Lift is a Day Surgery Procedure to give the face a "fresh look or appearance". It corrects the tired worn out look by lifting up the sagging or ptotic facial features such as the eyebrows or cheeks and sagging jaw line with special threads called Aptos threads.

A primary feature of aging is fat atrophy with initial loss of firmness, then of fullness leading finally to lax redundant skin. This progressive volume loss leads to flattening of facial features. The optimum treatment of early aging of the face is restoration of the structural volume deficit with autogenous fat micrografts. This does not suit a lot of patients. A conventional face lift is a fairly invasive procedure resulting in fairly large scars and requires some weeks off work.

In Feather Lift the sagging facial features are moved and held up in a more youthful position with improvement in facial features.

The procedure may be carried out under local anesthesia; more usually it is performed under sedation and local anesthesia. The flabby soft tissues of the face are uplifted with special suture or thread material. This new suture material called Aptos (Antiptosis) Threads has cogs built into it in the manufacturing process. After the suture is inserted under the skin, the cogs provide uniform gathering of the tissues. The convergent cogs inside the uplifted tissues provide support and fixation of the newly created contour. These special threads are inserted into the subcutaneous fat with the help of a long fine guide needles.

Rare complication of Feather lift: swelling, bleeding.