Nose surgery

Goal of nose surgery: To change the size and shape of the nose (hump, long and wide nose, broad and asymmetrical tip of the nose, saddle deformity) and correction of the breathing disorders caused by the septal deviation.

Surgical technique of nose surgery: Correction is performed through intranasal incisions, so the scar remains invisible. The aim of the procedure is to change the shape and position of the nasal cartilages and bones, so that the whole nasal appearance becomes more appealing. Nasal pack for 2 days and external splint are kept for 2 weeks.

Duration and anesthesia: Usually 45 minutes to 2 hours, under local or general anesthesia, depending on the type of the operation.

Recovery after nose surgery: Until the removal of the nasal packs and the splint after 2 weeks, the patient is forced to breathe through the mouth. Most of the edema and ecchymosis usually disappear within this period.

Rare complications: Swollen eyelids and surrounding tissues, mild postop bleeding.


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Nose cosmetic surgery Budapest
Nose cosmetic surgery Budapest
Nose cosmetic surgery Budapest