Your next steps

Here is a quick run down of the usual order of events:


1. Choose a cosmetic procedure

By now you most likely have an idea of what it is you like to achieve and perhaps even on how you think you could reach your desired self-image.


2. Fill in the medical questionnaire

Medical questionnaire


3. Contact us

Peferably by email and tell us of your wishes and thoughts. We encourage you to send us a few pictures of the problem areas so that we can give you a personalised advice. Alternatively we can arrange for you to have a video conferencing for a direct consultation with one of our surgeons.


4. Tests

Once you and your surgeon have discussed everything and come to a common decision as to which procedure best suits your needs you will be advised to take a number of routine tests (blood tests, ECG etc). This can be done locally or arranged by us upon arrival in Budapest. Please see the link below for more details.



5. Appointment

Preferably once the required test results are available we will book you in for your agreed procedure. We will do our best to give you an appointment that best suits you but due to seasonal variation this normally could take anything between 2-6 weeks.


6. Arrange travel

We can help you with your travel to Budapest. Once in Budapest you need not worry about the minor details. We will help you with your hotel booking and organise all the necessary commuting at no cost to you. Please refer to the appropriate link provided for more information.

Travel            › Accomodations


7. Arrival in Budapest

Once you land in Hungary you will be greeted with one of our representatives. You will be taken to your hotel of choice as previously arranged and given a run down of your itinerary for the following days. This could include a visit to a private laboratory for your pre-operative tests. You will be scheduled to have a consultation with your surgeon before your operation during which time the procedure and all remaining questions can be discussed in detail.


8. Day of operation or procedure

You will be picked up by our representative and taken to the clinic. Most patients require at least one night of hospitalisation following the procedure. You will only be discharged once we feel you are well enough to leave the hospital. Depending on the type of intervention, you are usually advised to stay in Budapest for 4-7 days following your operation. During that time you will have direct access to one of our surgeons 24/7.


9. Post-operatively

You will be provided with a comprehensive discharge summary and advice on post-operative care. Following your safe departure from Budapest you will still have direct access (phone or email) to one of our surgeons in case any issues arise. Remember the main reason for choosing CosmeticDirect is that we want to make sure you have direct access to qualified personnel from start to finish.